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rooftop solar 30% subsidy avirajurja gurgaon

Get benefit of 30% subsidy on rooftop solar unit with avirajurja

Avirajurja is here to let you Get the benefit of 30% subsidy on the rooftop solar unit.Private social orders and instructive, social and restorative organizations in the city will get 30 for every penny endowment to set up housetop sun oriented vitality age plants.

how will you get the subsidy on the rooftop solar panel?

Sun oriented Energy Corporation of India (SECI), built up by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), reported this motivating force to advance sun oriented housetop control plants in the city. MNRE SECI has settled an objective of 500MW from sunlight based power plants in Surat city. SECI chief Rakesh Kumar met delegates of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) here on Tuesday in such manner. He said 30 for each penny sponsorship would be given to private area and furthermore to social, instructive and medicinal associations to set up housetop sunlight based vitality plants. Be that as it may, no sponsorship will be given to business and modern segments. These divisions would likewise get the finding of vitality created from their aggregate utilization of the vitality.

“There are two models that individuals can browse. Individuals should lease their housetops and SECI will introduce the sun based vitality age plant. The proprietor of the rooftop would get vitality at the less expensive rate. Under the second model, if the proprietor, introduces the power plant at his own particular cost, he would get 30 for each penny sponsorship and net metering advantage. The principal model could be for business and modern units while the second for others,” metropolitan magistrate Milind Torwane said. The establishment work will be finished by SECI. The metropolitan company would go about as an undertaking facilitator.

Aviraj Urja is an entrenched Renewable Energy organization and Solar power Manufacturing company situated in Gurgaon, Haryana. We have a committed group with involvement in planning and introducing Solar PV frameworks and experience inside the electrical business itself.


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