Home Lightning System

Aviraj Urja Solar home lighting frameworks are perfect hotspots for giving indoor brightening in remote zones and un-zapped towns. The Solar home lighting framework basically comprises of the Solar module, appropriate module mounting structure, battery, battery box, charge-controller, illuminating presences, between interfacing links, and switches and so forth. Every light gathering has worked in high effectiveness and high-recurrence DC to AC inverter circuits for appropriate to run CFL lights. The Indoor lighting frameworks would likewise accompany an arrangement to control a 12V DC table fan or a dark and white Portable TV as an alternative. The lighting framework is intended to work 3 to 4 hours every day.


Solar home lighting

Home light is a DC worked divider mountable indoor lighting illuminator. It comprises of a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CF Lamp) and a high-recurrence inverter. High recurrence inverter offers high proficiency, all the more light yield and long administration life to the CF Lamp. The Indoor lighting illuminators are accessible in various light wattages and models. Every single sufficient security is given in the illuminating presence to wellbeing, unwavering quality, and long life. These lights are preferably suited for lighting applications controlled by sustainable power sources like sun-powered, wind and so on.

Sun oriented Home Lighting System comprises of one no Solar Panel, one no Tubular Battery, One no Charge Controller Unit, CFL-9W Light fittings, 2.5 sq.mm Cu wire with wiring materials. The Solar home lighting System limit relies on the heap ( Light, Fan, TV, Computer and so forth.) and Operation hours of the utility. This Solar Home Lighting framework limit 20W to 225Watt is accessible as indicated by the request of the client and load count.

Aviraj Urja Solar Home Lighting System

  • Li-Ion Solar Portable Home Light System

  • Li-pe Solar Portable Home Light System

  • Village Solar Light System With Fan

  • Rural Solar Home Light System With fan

    For Mobile Charger

Solar Home Lighting System With Li-Ion Battery

Compact  Lightweight Home Lighting system and
Mobile Charging system with High Capacity Li-Ion internal battery.
Most Cost-effective product

Power by 5.5 V 2 Amp 10 Wp Solar Panel
Dynamic Charging of Mobiles and Lanterns

4 Lights of 4 Hours each on Full Charge

5 Mobiles can be charged Dynamically during Daytime on Direct Radiation

Can Charge Li-Ion Solar Lanterns 5 Numbers of 3.7 V and 2800 mA


Solar home lighting

Village Solar Light System

Sun-powered has been a major gift for some residential areas and towns in India. It is miserable, however obvious that there are towns in India where power has not come to yet. We whine about power cuts in urban areas, yet numerous villagers manage with no power!

Country India still relies upon either lamp fuel lights or little diesel generators. Diesel generators are extremely costly to work as they expend a great deal of exorbitant fuel. They additionally discharge lethal exhaust. Lamp oil lights, then again, are very hazardous to utilize. Consistently, a large number of flame mischances are caused in towns because of lamp oil lights. In any case, towns are currently picking practical sunlight based items to meet their energy necessities.

Solar home lighting

Rural Solar Home Light System
with Fan for Mobile Charger

Solar home lighting

Village Solar Home Light
with Fan

Solar home lighting