On Grid Solar Power Plant

aviraj urja | On Grid solar power systems
  • The system is just connected to the mains (LT Panel) and becomes a
    seamless part of the grid. The system needs to be sized to the baseload (minimum load running at all times) until net-metering is available. This is to avoid wastage of power in winter months when the load might be lower.
  • This is the most economically viable system as there is no requirement
    to install a battery bank.
  • Savings from the system lead to a payback period of up to 5 years. After that, power for 15 more years is free for you.

On Grid solar power systems (solar with grid connection which is with or without a diesel generator but with no battery backup)

  • The solar system for larger power consumers who would, in any case, maintain power availability by running diesel gen-sets, when required. This reduces the power and diesel consumption but will not provide you with a backup.
  • This type of system will not run if the grid is down and the diesel generator is also not running.
  • Solar power is always given preference over both grid and diesel. A solar inverter ensures that solar is first fully utilized and then remaining power requirement is drawn from the grid or diesel generator.
  • In India, even if there are power cuts but the diesel generator has to run throughout the day to meet critical loads, this type system becomes the most viable. It saves on both electricity cost and diesel bills.
  • For Gurgaon, we recommend this system for customers who already
    have 100% power backup. When you install this system, you will still
    need to run the diesel generator when the power goes off but your
    fuel consumption will be lower.