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During hot summers the sun is shining a lot. Why do not tap the solar energy to make your living environment cooler?
Solar powered fans are not only great for cooling the attic. Solar fans are now replacing electrically powered blades to keep homes comfortable during hot summers.

A solar fan is a mechanical fan controlled by sunlight based panels. The solar boards are either mounted on the gadget or are introduced freely. Solar fans, for the most part, don’t require optional power sources other than sun based power, as the vast majority of them are utilized for cooling purposes amid daytime. A few sorts are likewise utilized for warming purposes. It runs the quickest when it is the most sweltering outside giving investment funds on cooling costs.


What is a solar powered fan?

Solar fans run on solar energy instead of electricity. Similarly to how solar lights works, a small solar fan is powered by a solar panel that is either mounted on the device or wired to a separate installation. Solar powered fans for homes do not usually require secondary power sources as long there is enough sunlight.


Solar power fans are most efficient when outside temperature is at its hottest.


The more sweltering it gets, the harder your HVAC framework works. Then again, a solar fan utilizes extreme climate further bolstering its good fortune – it works best the higher the temperature rises. Sun oriented power fans can help facilitate the weight of your aerating and cooling unit.

What Are The  Advantages  Of Using A Solar Powered Fan?


  • Solar Fans help reduce power costs
  • Solar Fans Help Preserve The Environment
  • Solar Power Fans Work In Off-Grid Areas
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How Important Is High Quality?

All our sunlight based fueled fans are made of ABS and PP material.

Every unit accompanies its own particular vitality sparing engine and power supply.

For your security, we have included assurance highlights against cheating and over-releasing.

 Solar Fans help reduce power costs

With a solar board fan, you don’t have to buy batteries or devour power. Its essential wellspring of energy – the sun – is totally for nothing out of pocket. In spite of the fact that the underlying expense of purchasing a little solar fueled fan might be more costly than a normal fan, it could end up being less expensive over the long haul in view of the possibility to cut cooling costs by up to 30 percent.


Solar Fans Help Preserve The Environment

Conventional electric fans take advantage of the city control lattice which is reliant on petroleum derivatives, for example, coal or flammable gas. Sun oriented fans, notwithstanding, use 100% clean vitality from the sun. When you introduce sun oriented boards on your rooftop or utilize sun oriented controlled apparatuses to chill off your home, you are decreasing ozone-harming substance discharges and long-haul reliance on petroleum derivative.

Solar Power Fans Work In Off-Grid Areas

Sun powered fans are incredible for the outside. In case you’re going outdoors or flying out to a remote summer home where there is no power, sun oriented controlled fans are your best cooling alternative.

Platform Solar Powered Fan

Platform fans are currently accessible in sun-powered controlled variants. Our developing line of sun oriented controlled stand fans offer a wide assortment of sizes and highlights, for example, multi-speed wind stream, left and right wavering, and AC/DC programmed to change.

Floor Solar Fans

Our floor sunlight based fueled fans are an incredible device for crises. The LED light bar and fan sharp edges consequently turn on amid a power disappointment, with the capacity to keep running for up to 8 hours in a row.

Work area Solar Power Fans

These medium-sized utility fans go up against a similar outline sign as conventional work area fans yet with mounted sun based boards for putting away power. They give fantastic air course numerous velocities and directionality. Some sunlight based power fans even have extra USB ports for charging cell phones and other electronic gadgets.

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solar fan in Gurgaon

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solar fan in Gurgaon

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solar fan in Gurgaon

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